Casal Caeiro


Individual bottle size – 75cl

The original brand of our bodega, created some 35 years ago by our founder, the late Domingo Martin.

Since Don Domingo founded the wine cellar we have never forgotten our connection to the soil – we are after all, simply farmers that grow grapes (and happen to transform them into wine). We especially appreciate that the quality of our finished wine always originates in the vineyard and also, that with every vintage, Mother Nature will inevitably play her part in the wine that she enables us to produce.

2016 is a fine vintage, and so we celebrate its quality with a completely new presentation. In fact, not just one label, but actually four labels, all of which are designed to highlight our connection with the sea, the earth and the sky. This quadriptych (four picture that will join to form one) was commissioned especially for our Bodega, and designed by local artist Elena Gomez-Dahlgren.