Bodegas Castro Martin

El auténtico albariño de Rias Baixas

val do salnés, galicia

Bodegas Castro Martin es una empresa familiar dedicada a la elaboración de vino «Albariño» de la más alta calidad. El edificio actual fue construido en 1981 e inaugurado con la cosecha del ’82. Construido por Domingo Martin-Morales, la bodega actualmente es administrada por su hija, Angela Martin.

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Gold again!

enero 19th, 2022 | Competitions

As you will know I have very mixed views when it comes to wine competitions – certainly some are more credible than others. Some years ago, when I was a wine buyer, I remember receiving a mailshot, boldly entitled «Winner – the best wine in the World». Well, that’s quite a claim, despite the fact […]

Ageing – the choice of container

enero 11th, 2022 | Bodega

Over the centuries many different types of container have been used to ferment and store wines, employing a variety of different materials. In the beginning it was simply a question of the range of materials available, such as the clay amphoras used by Romans and Phoenicians. In recent times, as wine making has become more […]

Before and after

diciembre 30th, 2021 | Holiday ramblings

As most businesses are closed at this time of year, or at least very quiet, I thought that I would do a quick catch up on a post that I made about a year ago. About a kilometer from the bodega, a very strange structure appeared. The metal frame of a building, but somewhat strangely, […]

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