Castro Martin

Our ‘Family Estate’ wine first released in 2002. A limited production vinified using only grapes carefully selected from our home vineyards.

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A more recent addition to our portfolio, the ‘avant garde’ A2O label lends itself perfectly to restaurants, bistros and wine bars alike.

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Casal Caeiro

The original brand of our bodega created in 1982 by our founder Domingo Martin, establishing the benchmark of quality for our business.

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Another limited edition wine made by ageing our best wines in French Allier oak. The secret is of course, to create the perfect balance between fruit and oak.

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From the blog

Happy Halloween! | October 31st, 2014

I tasted some of our new 2014 albariño the other day, and it seems that Angela has now tasted them too. One of her impressions was that the new wine revealed hints of apple fruit, and by way of illustrating the point, she kindly posed for today's photo!          


Hallowe’en candy wine pairing! | October 28th, 2014

This week is All Hallows' Eve (the eve of All Saints Day), more commonly known as Halloween. It is a festival that been widely celebrated in the United States for many years, but is now gaining in popularity around Europe, although I rather suspect that many of those who join in have little or no idea as to its true pagan origins - it's merely become more of an excuse to party, eat candies and play the occasional trick on ...




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