Climate change

May 16th, 2024 | Local News

I am now really starting to think that the people who deny climate change must be made from the same mould as the flat-earthers (and should probably all be wearing protective hats made out out of tinfoil). Every day on our TV screens we see an increasing number of natural disasters, often in extremes. If it’s not catastrophic floods, then it’s severe drought, that can, in turn, leads to dreadful wild fires. All too often we witness destruction of property, the ruination of livelihoods and nearly always death.

I should say that here in Galicia we have been lucky (so far, and I am touching wood as I write this). Whilst we have witnessed unseasonal weather, heat when it should be cold and vice-versa, we have still, somehow, managed to escape largely unscathed. Of course, being fruit farmers, these unpredictable conditions do cause us problems and can easily interfere with the growth and development cycle of our grapes. Today, for example, we are already into the third week of May and the outside temperature is barely into double figures (°C). Apart from that, we have rain showers stopping and starting every 10-15 minutes. Also, don’t forget, that it is also the time of year for flowering and so, quite obviously, these are far from ideal conditions. We will simply have to wait to see what transpires over the next week or two.

To change the subject completely, today’s picture shows one of the world’s most ‘over-constructed’ car parks, built by our local council (almost in the middle of nowhere)! The original piece of waste ground was already an area of concrete, and now, after about 18 months work by a team of perhaps ten or a dozen workers, it is now simply a new piece of concrete with lines painted on it! Admittedly they have added lighting, but I feel quite strongly that the amount of time and money invested on this project (paid by our local taxes) has been largely wasted. Rant over for today!

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