Finish what we started….

July 8th, 2020 | Bodega

Just before Covid-19 took hold earlier this year, we had already embarked on a programme of renewal and refurbishment in different areas of the bodega. The main work was in our ‘salon’ (reception room), where last year when we changed the look of the room completely. The second phase of this work includes changing the windows (to update and improve insulation), and completely modernising our lighting system (to include new, low consumption spotlights).
Meanwhile, in the tank room, we had also started the installation of a new, digitally controlled refrigeration system, that would allow us to monitor and control the tank temperature by remote (very important for monitoring temperatures during the fermentation).
Although this work had been planned and was already underway, it obviously had to be abandoned (quite literally) as we closed during the pandemic. Now we are simply finishing what we started some months ago.
To be honest, the change to the windows is barely noticeable (visually), whereas the revised lighting system makes a big impact. The temperature control is also very different, incorporating touch-screen control, and whilst it has been tested we will not be able to assess it’s full impact until harvest time. Vamos a ver!

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