Beer for dogs! What next, wine for cats?

April 1st, 2011 | Uncategorized

In the difficult economic climate that exists at the moment we are always looking for new ways to develop our sales.

We recently saw a beef flavoured beer especially developed for dogs, in a glass bottle with a picture of a weimaraner on the label. Imported from Holland it is called Kwispelbier, which literally translated means ‘tail-wagging beer’. Made using a traditional beer brewing technique, it contains malted barley extract and absolutely nothing harmful – consequently the dogs are really lapping it up (in every sense of the word!)

So, if they can make a beer for dogs, then why not a wine for cats? We are so near the sea that consumers often say that they can taste the salt air in our Albariño, so how about enhancing this flavour with a bit of fish or seafood? It would be quite a simple process to macerate some fish or seafood in the tanks – et voila! A new product for cats, opening a whole new world of possibilities for our bodega.

Any suggestions for a suitable name? How about ‘CataPesca’ – which loosely translated would mean ‘tasting of fish’?

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