Now I really am depressed…..

December 16th, 2010 | Uncategorized

It seems like only yesterday that I was commenting about the lack of festive spirit in this year’s Christmas advertising campaign for our D.O. (Oh, just a minute, it was yesterday!) Little did I imagine when I was writing that post, that it could be superceded the very same day by something even less seasonal!

Each year we receive a greetings card from our local community office – very kind of them to take the time and trouble (not to mention the money in these times of austerity). Well, all I can say is that this year’s card left me cold, and I don’t mean in the weather sense of the word – judge for yourself from the picture above. Can someone please explain to me how a tinted photograph of a granite staircase and balustrade should remind us of the birth of Christ…. I feel almost compelled to go and ask them.

Now I don’t want to appear ungrateful as we really do appreciate the gesture of their card, but the picture did leave me asking the question, is this some sort of political correctness gone mad? Certainly in the UK it would appear that we are slowly starting to erase the ‘Christ’ from Christmas for fear of offending somebody. Could Spain be heading down the same road? I sincerely hope not…..

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