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April 25th, 2010 | Uncategorized

This week Angela and I fly to the US to visit our importer, and thanks to my faithful Blackberry I will not need to haul my laptop over with me – once again I have to ask myself, where would we be without this amazing technology?

It seems quite funny now when I recall my very first ‘mobile’ telephone. You actually carried it using a shoulder strap because the battery was so huge, and it had an old fashioned handset attached to the base station with a cord – I think it might have been a Panasonic. Of course you could only use it for making phone calls, nothing else, and even then the coverage was fairly patchy despite living in central London, as I did at the time.

These days a phone is not just a phone, it’s a mini-computer, mp3 player, camera, and even a rather small television – unfortunately however, it does not make toast…… yet! Anyway, as always, I digress.

Perhaps the only limitation of a Blackberry is the screen size, which is a bit small for reading attachments etc., and does not really work for making blog entries either. To be honest I do not anticipate spending my precious few days in New York in internet cafes, so please forgive me if my blog falls silent over the coming days.

As Arnie the Governator would say – I’ll be back.

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