Local boy done good (No, not me)!

March 10th, 2010 | Uncategorized
An old, but original photo by Gavin Bond

Several years ago (when I still had some hair) I got a friend of mine to do some ‘mug shots’ for me just in case I needed them for publicity. The friend who took the shots was a professional photographer and spent a lot of time in the States – I knew that over the years he had been pretty sucessful and done one or two magazine covers. His mum, with whom I often played golf, was quite rightly very proud of him, and naturally had a lot of his work framed on the walls of their home.
Now I am a keen amateur photographer myself, and often browse websites such as Boston.com (big picture), National Geographic and NASA etc., who all have some stunning images.
The other day, purely by accident, I was browsing a fabulous portfolio of ‘A-list’ stars, when I happened to notice the credit…. my old mate Gavin Bond! I was absolutely stunned, not only by the quality of his work, but also by the list of celebrities that he had been commissioned to shoot.
If you are even remotely interested in photography, then his site is well worth a visit, and not just because he is an old friend, but because he is an old friend with considerable talent. And by the way, I should mention that Gavin Bond is his real name, and not just his Hollywood celebrity persona.
Now, how do I get on that celebrity A-list?

P.S. Gavin currently has an exhibition in London at the Idea Generation Gallery running until 21st March – so hurry along now!

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