Origami and a bit of D-I-Y

November 27th, 2009 | Uncategorized

The cartons that we use to send out our wine are perhaps not the prettiest on the market, but they are certainly amongst the strongest – after all, what is the purpose of a carton? The answer quite simply is to protect our bottles during transit – nothing more, nothing less. Indeed, I think it would be true to say that the vast majority of our end consumers have probably never even seen our box, which simply reinforces my belief that strength is perhaps just a little more important than appearance (assuming of course, that it is not too ugly).

We are lucky to have a very good local carton supplier, slightly more expensive than I would like, but very quick and efficient. However, their solution to a recent hiccup made me smile.

We had a batch of cartons where the glued joint that forms the cube of the case had not been stuck down properly, rendering the cases unuseable. Naturally I complained to our contact at the case supplier, and anticipated that he would add a few free cases to our next order – not so…… A few days later he turned up with a bottle of glue!

So, what’s the next step I ask myself – we order a few cases and they turn up with a roll of cardboard, a pair of scissors and an origami book?

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