Lies, damned lies and statistics

August 7th, 2009 | Uncategorized

When writing this blog I often ask myself how many people are interested enough to read it, and if they do, whether they ever come back for a second visit.

Thanks to Google Analytics we are now able to find this information in amazing detail – the different countries that visit, how many pages they read, how long they stay online and what they had for breakfast…. (OK, so the last part is not true, but I did say lies and statistics!)

I am very proud to say that since the start of 2009 we have been viewed by 57 countries around the world with our most regular readership in Spain, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal and Ireland. Naturally, the majority are English speaking countries, as unfortunately my Spanish is not up to translating the blog into Castellano (and I am sure that my warped sense of humour would not translate anyway).

I am pleased to tell you that there is quite a high percentage of visitors who are regulars, and who come back hundreds of times during the course of the year. Naturally this is very flattering, and my only wish is that these followers of our site buy our Albariño just as regularly!

Amongst the statistics offered up by Google we are also able to see the number of daily visitors, and I was fascinated to learn that there appears to be a peak in numbers each Monday. The explanation is quite simple – readers returning to work on Monday cannot wait to catch up with all the exciting happenings here at Castro Martin……. in my dreams.

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