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April 23rd, 2009 | Uncategorized

I have always believed that a good website or blog is essential in this day and age as people spend an increasing amount of time surfing the web, in chat rooms (or maybe these have been replaced by twit rooms?), and shopping online for their groceries.

Without being too critical I think it is fair to say that the website of our denomination (Rias Baixas) was a little outdated, and not very functional. However, I am pleased to announce that a brand new website has now been launched. It’s not that you will find too much new, cutting edge information, but at least the new site is a little easier to navigate and more pleasant to look at (apart from the rather annoying banner at the top of the page which is constantly moving about, distracting the eye, rather like an ad for free bingo!) Anyway, if you have a second, then do take a look.

Secondly, in this small ‘housekeeping’ blog, I just wanted to mention that we have changed our bottle slightly…… same shape, same size, same weight, just a slightly different colour. You may recall a long time ago I had a little moan about the difficulty of sourcing the exact colour and quality of bottle that I wanted – well, this new bottle is not quite perfect, but it is a small step closer. Don’t panic though, it is not a dramatic difference, but if compare you the two together you will notice that the new bottle is a shade more dark green than the dark brown of the current one.

Lost in translation:
Nothing to do with these posts, but just something that made me smile. I was reading the Spanish blog of my favourite local restaurant Pepe Vieira, and, feeling a little lazy on a Friday afternoon, ran the blog entry through some translation software….. I really have to go and eat there, the menu sounds delicious:

Brandada of codfish, cream of sprocket wheels with apple emulsion
Vieiras cleaning rods with apple and files

Yum, yum!

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