A ‘Cowboy’ Summer?

March 23rd, 2009 | Uncategorized

OK, so you’re all scratching your heads thinking “what on earth is a Cowboy Summer”? Well, it’s simple (but possibly stupid) logic….

Whenever we have fine summer weather that extends into the autumn we call it an Indian Summer – and so, by the same token, if we have fine summer weather that starts early in spring, what should we call it? Have I just coined a new phrase, or is it just too obtuse (and ridiculous) to catch on? The truth is that I just wanted to avoid jumping onto the bandwagon by using everyones favourite phrase these days – global warming.

Anyway, the purpose of my post is to tell you that the weather in our area has gone a little haywire in the last month or two. At the end of January and beginning of February our area experienced some ferocious storms (the same storms that closed Paris airports for the first time in 34 years), with winds gusting at 100+ km per hour. These high winds were accompanied by periods of torrential rain, that led to some local flooding.

However, since the middle of February, with the exception of just a couple of cooler, cloudy days, we have experienced a period of continuous unbroken sunshine – not a cloud in the sky and regular daytime temperatures of between 20 and 23°C (68-73°F).

Of course the problem is that we now have new buds and shoots in the vineyards, almost two or three weeks earlier than usual, and whilst the twin threats of spring frost and hail are still very much a reality.

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