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July 8th, 2008 | Uncategorized

It seems to me like I’m always shouting about what we do with our wines around the world, paying little attention to our impact on the local market. Well, as if further references were needed, here’s quite a good one – El Corte Ingles.

For those of you who don’t know, the Corte Ingles is a chain of upmarket department stores located throughout Spain – every city in Spain has at least one, Madrid boasts several, as does Barcelona. Many stores include high quality ‘supermarkets’ and nearly all have cafeterias and restaurants.

It is a proud boast of ours that we have been featured in the restaurants and supermarkets of the Corte Ingles here in Galicia for around 20 years now – many Albariños on their list come and go, but we are happy to say that our Casal Caeiro albariño has been a permanent feature.

Every summer the local restaurants of the Corte Ingles celebrate Galician Gastronomy with special menus comprising, as you might imagine, mostly fish and seafood dishes (albeit there are a few meat dishes thrown in for the carnivors among us).

Naturally the featured wines are Galician too, and we proudly list our Casal Caeiro brand amongst the handful of Albariños on offer. So, if you find yourself in Galicia over the next few weeks why not take a break from your shopping, put your feet up, and enjoy a refreshing glass of albariño!

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