The power of the press….

June 13th, 2008 | Uncategorized

A fresh meat counter in Madrid this week

I’ve had a few digs at the press over recent years, but almost exclusively to do with their assessment of wines. Having said that I believe that they are also guilty of using more than just a bit of journalistic licence when it comes to reporting our daily news.


Perhaps it is just my imagination, but these days there seems to be a tendency not only to exaggerate, but also to sensationalise and distort the truth. There is of course no doubt that an attention grabbing headline will sell more newspapers, even if it is not quite truthful.


In view of recent events, more specifically the fuel strike here in Spain, I wanted to highlight some pretty unbelievable reporting of a similar event back in the UK.


The drivers of Shell fuel tankers are planning a four day strike – Shell supplies only 10% of the UK market, and the public have been told that their petrol stations will probably have enough stock to cover this break in supply – but only IF they do not panic buy.


I scratch my head therefore, when I see headlines like these in the week leading up to the strike:

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