Three Glorietas & One Hail Mary……

May 3rd, 2007 | Uncategorized
Seems like an orderly arrangement…. taken from the UK highway code
Firstly allow me to apologise for the title of this post, it is not intended to offend – it is simply that roundabouts are known as ‘Glorietas’ here in Spain, and it might be worth saying a quick prayer before trying to negociate one!

My post today clearly has nothing to do with wine, but is intended as more of a public service to those who might be planning a road trip to Spain (and not only those who wish to visit our Bodega).

The first thing you must know is that roundabouts are only a fairly recent addition to the Spanish road system, and appear to be springing up at nearly every junction where two roads meet. (I have to assume that the traffic ministers deem them to be safer than crossroads or traffic lights, but I regret to say, this is simply not the case!) The problem appears to be that the older generation of drivers were simply not educated as to how to deal with them, and the younger generation are being educated in what seems to be a fairly bizzare fashion. Take for example the illustrations below, taken from a brochure designed specifically to help negociate roundabouts.

What exactly does this mean – are you confused?

The next picture shows how to turn right when approaching from the wrong lane…… make a full circuit and only exit when you start to feel dizzy!

Not the simplest way to turn right!

OK, so what’s the point of this message? Simply that you should forget what you have learned in your own country and approach roundabouts with extreme caution – do not expect other drivers to stop even when you think they should, and beware of drivers crossing in front of you from the wrong lane.

Do take care when driving in Spain, and remember my motto – Expect the unexpected.

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