Merry Everything and a Happy Always!

December 23rd, 2019 | Festivo

In these days of political correctness I am never quite sure exactly what greeting we should use over the winter holidays. These days it appears that whatever we say that we run the risk of offending someone, and so the only possible solution is to find something transgression-neutral!

A few days ago I was in a shop when I saw a sign that said “Merry Everything and a Happy Always!”. OK, it sounds like something straight out of a Disney movie (and perhaps it could be?), but then I thought that not only was it appropriate, but that it also appeared to cover all the bases too. So I requisitioned this phraseology for my own purposes!

In the hope that you are not offended in any way, I would now invite you to read this article that I think reflects perfectly what I am attempting to say about our attitudes to religion and how that relates to political correctness.

Happy holidays!




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